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    With more than two decades of active entrepreneurial experience working with diverse licensed real estate professionals, I am a well-qualified candidate for any position involving human relations and customer service. From my experience, I have concluded that for a business to thrive in this challenging world, one must provide the best customer experience possible. While customers may forget what we say or what we do, they will never forget how we make them feel. I am committed to providing the best customer service for a successful and profitable business.



    Intern, Real Estate Investor Barcelona, Spain May 23 to July 23, 2022

    • Successfully established business relationships with investors in the USA with an internship firm
    • Researched, evaluated, and analyzed 30 real estate and non-performing loans for acquisition
    • Performed check-in and check-out for rental properties

    Intern, Insurance Agent Gainesville, Florida January 2021 to March 2021

    • Updated clients’ files through the audit process by updating information on the main firm’s database, EZ Lynx and Levitate databases, and customer resource management systems.
    • Communicated with the producer’s underwriter to resolve issues needed to write policies for clients.
    • Learned the insurance environment jargon by reading the firm’s provided textbook.

    Owner, Salvacion Andreola, LLC Gainesville, Florida January 2013 to Present

    • Owned and managed 20 luxury real estate portfolios: condominiums, and oceanfront investments in Hawaii, Florida, the Philippines, and Nicaragua.
    • Managed all stages of home remodeling from conceptualization, design, and building processes.
    • Supervised professionals in the real estate sector: architects, engineers, and construction workers to meet strict budget requirements and complete projects within deadlines.

    Owner, Merchant Resources  Maui, Hawaii January 01, 1991 to December 2012

    • Managed approximately $5-7 Million under portfolio per month which was composed 300 of small and medium businesses, such as lodgings, restaurants, retail, service merchants, and activity providers.
    • Programmed proprietary credit card machines and facilitated installation at merchant place of business.
    • Trained business employees on how to utilize the credit card machines and provided 24/7 technical support.



    • Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, Cum Laude, December 2023

    Major in Organizational Management

    Santa Fe College Gainesville, FL

    • Associate Degree, Summa Cum Claude, April 2020

    City College Gainesville, Florida

    • Investor Intern, IES Abroad Barcelona, Spain May 2022 to July 2022
    • Insurance Agent Intern, Hartfield Insurance Group January 2021 to March 2021


    Asset Allocation

    Real Estate Sales and Rental

    Strategic Planning

    Property Management

    Business Development

    Interior Design

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    Gantt Chart

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    SWOT Analysis

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  • GSP2022

    Internship Reflection

    Circulo Inmobiliario Meridiana

    Barcelona, Spain

    May 23-July 23, 2022


    Description of the company

    The company that I intern with is Círculo Inmobiliario Meridiana S.L., founded in 1999 by President, Mr. Albert Castro Domenech. It is a C-Corporation. Círculo Inmobiliario Meridiana S.L, is composed of three separate legal entities which are the

    subsidiary companies:

    1. Meridiana Projects-Barcelona Transits

    2. Meridiana Trade Shows-MIPIM and MAPIC

    3. Meridiana Business Consulting

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    Company History

    Although the firm started in 1999, the company realized its first cash flow in 2003 when it started a real estate brokerage. In 2006, the company initiated its profit from business consulting. In 2007, the company sold all of its assets, avoiding a catastrophic loss due to the Great Recession. In 2008, the firm started collaborating with business professionals in international markets such as Germany and the UK doing business consulting due to the crash of the housing market. In 2010, due to the recession, the company changed its business model and created Barcelona Transit specializing in acquiring undervalued properties directly from the banks. The idea is to acquire these bank-repossessed properties at low prices, rehabilitate them, and eventually rent them to generate long-term income to maximize return on investment (ROI). It is the section of the company that is responsible for buying, renting, or selling distressed assets. The firm has a joint venture with Monterrey Rentals, a company based in California, USA which facilitates the acquisition of the assets from the banks. Barcelona Transit specializes in commercial and residential apartment buildings instead of hotels because apartments have a fixed and long-term income, and are a secure asset. Barcelona Transit flourished in 2012 when the first set of cash flows equated to sixty percent (60%) of the total revenues of the company.

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    Thirty percent (30%) of company income derives from two international trade shows: Le Marché International des Professionnels de L’immobilier (MIPIM) and Le Marché International Professionnel de l’implantation Commerciale (MAPIC)

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    MAPIC Analysis

    Le Marché International Professionnel de l’implantation Commerciale (MAPIC). MAPIC is the leading international retail property market. It has become a major industry event gathering since 2015 with 8,000+ international participants, including over 2,000 retailers for 3 days of exhibition, conferences, and networking events targeting all types of retail property: city and shopping centers, factory outlets, leisure areas, and transit zones.

    MIPIM represents the biggest section of Meridiana commission from ticket sales within the Iberian Peninsula. MIPIM organizes an international trade show that presents discussions, keynotes, panels, and presentations focusing on real estate such as property investment, trends, and development. MAPIC is also an international trade show that focuses on retail businesses. Participants have the option to take part in networking sessions designed to facilitate new business partnerships.

    MIPIM Analysis

    Since Meridiana gained exclusive rights for MIPIM, along with Barcelona Transit added to Meridiana’s Business Model, the firm has maintained revenue of over 250,000 euros and a net income of over 90,000 euros.

    Meridiana Business Consulting is the third source of income for the company, which comprises about ten percent (10%) of the company’s total revenue. It had been profitable since the 2008 economic crash and has been dwindling away to the present. This business sector is not doing well because during the economic crash the housing market was in shambles. The market was extremely volatile and making investing not a viable option due to the risk associated with a volatile market.

    Description of my internship job position

    My position in Círculo Inmobiliario Meridiana S.L. is Real Estate Investor Intern. I landed this position because I have more than two decades of experience as a real estate investor in the USA, acquiring under-valued luxury real estate, rehabilitating them, and then renting or selling them for profit. I manage a team of real estate professionals such as engineers, architects, building contractors, and real estate agents. I own and manage several luxury ocean-front and golf course properties domestically and internationally. I have a great and successful background in assets acquisition, strategic planning, property management, and interior design.

    Description of my internship duties and responsibilities

    I work in two departments at Círculo Inmobiliario Meridiana S.L. My primary task is in acquiring undervalued real estate, and the other task is acquiring non-performing loans (NPLs). I report directly to the President of the company, Mr. Albert Castro Domenech. I do research, analysis, and onsite evaluation of these properties and submit a comprehensive Cost Analysis Management (CMA) report. My report helps him make the right decision as to how much to offer to buy the property. I also communicate with the property owners, investors, CEO of the companies, and bank officials. My responsibilities are the combined tasks that the real estate agents, real estate appraisers, and real estate scouts (people who research the property) do in the USA. The other task is acquiring non-performing loans (NPLs). In this job, I usually communicate with investors, architects, the CEO of the companies, and bank officials to inquire if they have NPLs that they want to sell to Meridiana. There were several follow-ups through emails and phone calls to get answers from these decision-maker authorities. When successful, I would then arrange a schedule for Mr. Albert Castro Domenech and the business counterpart’s in-person business meeting. During my internship, I successfully coordinated a video conference with my boss and an investor from the USA to establish a long-term real estate business relationship.

    What are some of the challenges in my internship abroad and how did I overcome them?

    • Navigating the public transportation-the metro system, the bus, and the taxis. The challenge of navigating the public transportation system was not as big an issue as I thought it was. Google Maps came to the rescue! Barcelona has excellent and well-organized public transportation. I found public commuting convenient, inexpensive, and easy to maneuver immediately afterward.

    • Inability to communicate in Spanish- the language barrier is not present at work place because all the employees speak well in English; however, communicating with the counterpart companies was a challenge, especially when talking to the receptionist on the phone. I am currently taking Spanish language to resolve this issue.

    • Unfamiliar with the local real estate market environment-regarding the real estate market pricing and analysis, and online web resources are very helpful, and going to the physical location of the property was another strategy for me to develop a more comprehensive appraisal of the property to come up with a more concrete analysis and evaluation.

    • The firm that I interned with has no established program to perform evaluation and analysis. I called Idealista, one of the leading real estate website portals, and asked them if they have a free online portal that I could use. To my surprise, the company has a free online portal to value the property. It may not be a full report, but it provides good enough information that I need to do my job.

    What are the important takeaways from my internship abroad?

    • Social network-I have expanded my social network in my professional career, business networks, and personal relationships. Because I stayed in a home, my hostess introduced me to her personal friends. In the workplace setting, my boss takes me to his business meetings with bank officials and real estate investors, and I meet a lot of real estate professionals such as architects, engineers, and real estate brokers.

    • Spanish language-during my internships in Barcelona, I also took a Spanish class. Before coming to Barcelona, I did not know how to speak Spanish but with only two months of being here, I am now able to comprehend more Spanish.

    • Personal growth and career development- learning soft skills, critical thinking, adaptability, and resiliency are the most important takeaways that I learned from studying and working abroad. Going abroad is going out of a personal comfort zone, which creates personal growth and expands the horizon. It is indeed a rich and rewarding experience.

    • Wonderful experience-getting lost in the metro system in Barcelona, which has two layers underground, eating dinner at 10:30 PM, waking up to the neighbors’ noises at 4:00 AM, enduring the heat and sweat due to the lack of air conditioning system in the homestay, traveling to work on foot in the city, and most of all witnessing the historical places in person-these are just some of the wonderful experiences that I added in my memory bank.

    • Cultural dimension-due to the efficient public transportation system in Spain especially in the city center, people in the city do not own cars; however, people who live in the rural mostly own cars because the public transportation system is not well communicated in those areas. Car ownership rates in Spain are about 77% as opposed to 91% in the US. People in urban areas have small flats close to each other while people who live in the rural areas have a little bit more space and live in a single-detached family home. Spain has a community mindset as opposed to the west which has an individuality mindset.

    How did I get an internship in Barcelona, Spain?

    I came across the IES Abroad website while researching online resources to do an internship to satisfy the internationalization involvement requirement in one of my classes, Global Scholarship Program. One of the learning objectives of this program is for the student to be able to meaningfully synthesize connections among experiences outside of the formal classroom (including life experiences and academic experiences such as internships and travel abroad) to deepen the student’s understanding of fields of study and to broaden their own points of view. There are several online resources to participate in to satisfy the requirement for this program, but I chose to go abroad to get hands-on experience. I learned a whole lot, had great experiences, and am happy that I decided to go this route.


  • GEB3212

  • HUM2020



  • IDS2941

  • Mission

    To provide underserved community with homestead, and establish comfortable lifestyle at an affordable price on a global scale.

  • Vision

    To instill the pride of homeownership, empower to attain financial security, and furnish with investment opportunities one door at a time.

  • Value

    Committed to make your dream home a reality, provide service with integrity,
    and establish social responsibility.​


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